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You're Welcome2017

  • 4.3
While waiting for her train in a café in Berlin a young woman suddenly gets into a situation where the barista and two customers start to stir up hatred against refugees. What should she do? Simply leave the place like another customer does or take action?

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Sehr schön!

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Sehr schön!

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so important!

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Intense slice of life. With the briefest of dialogue, facial expressions tell it all. Wonderful "cinema of the short."

hmm myabe good film

I wanna know why I can´t see the whole movies and only trailers appear, can anyone help me?

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All i get is the come? I wonder...

Is all I can watch here is Trailers? Can't seem to be able to watch anything else.

Ignorant, self-righteous men and a strong, independent woman who defies them. What more could you want?

This movie should be viewed with a slice of humble pie.

Tiny slice of life, revealing whole worlds, history, oppression, wasted lives--in a matter of minutes, well selected scenes conjure up the years of pain and lost opportunity this child will endure. A whole 2 hour movie compressed into a few minutes. Well done!

Not exactly subtle, but effective. A good representation of what these small-scale political contestations are like in real life: tense, awkward, and often lacking the feelgood ending we might expect.

just looking at the pictures already makes my stomach go hungry

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